June Melee & The Tim McLaughlin Cup

Our annual Summer Melee, including the inaugural Tim McLaughlin Cup match against the Avorians Cricketers, went off in fine fashion on Sunday 17 June.  Much planning went into this years event that was held in celebration of the life and friendship of former Bedouins Captain, Tim McLaughlin, whose passing just as the summer began was a huge loss to all Avorians and Bedouins.  In addition to being held in his honour the event this year raised funds to benefit the Marsden Cancer Trust in whose able hands Tim received such great cutting edge treatment in the fight against his cancer.  The morning started off with the Cup Match pitting the Bedouins against the Cricketers.  You might think it a bit of a mismatch for the Cricketers but eye-hand coordination and a feel for how to throw a ball to a target works in both sports and the Avorians, ably captained by Tim’s son James McLaughlin, made a great competition of it.  The Bedouins ultimately prevailed and a Boule was placed in the ‘Tim McLaughlin Cup’ to be proudly displayed in the clubhouse until next years rematch.

An open Melee followed the Cup match with 14 triplets entered.  In addition to the Melee the day included a b-b-q with side dishes along with shooting and pointing competitions and a prize raffle.  There was a wide range of talent on show and to our great pride about half the participants had never played before!  Appropriately, the Melee was won by an Avorians Cricket side that included Tim’s son James McLaughlin!  As the photo here shows, one team of SAFA’s in the Melee, led by Badger, was beaten 13-0 and was duly required to ‘kiss the fanny’!  Good sports!

It was a great day with 75+ attending and we raised £500 to donate to Marsden.  Thanks too all involved and especially the McLaughlin family who came out in force.  It made all the hard work by the Bedouins worth it!  We hope to see you all next year!

  • Additional photos on Gallery page.

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